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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Hamels was just being a dick. The problem wasn't that he hit Harper (although I don't know why he did that). The problem is that he admitted it. You just don't do that, no matter how intentional it was.
So his problem was that he was being honest? Basically, MLB should reward lying and not honesty?
Not lying, more like...just being vague.

If his problem was specifically that he hit him, that would make more sense.
Like I said, pitchers hit batters all the time. Sometimes for good reason, sometimes not. But it happens. It's normal. It's part of the "code". What is also part of the code is never admitting it. That's simply the way it is.

he said it was just that he was welcoming him into the league and remind him that he's a rookie and shouldn't be cocky.
Ah yes, about that...first of all, Cole Hamels is practically a rookie himself (he's only been with the Phillies since, what, 2006?). And what's he gonna do, throw at the head of every rookie who comes to the plate? (Especially since his own manager wishes he hadn't done it?)

That can't be it. There has to be something more to this. Hamels must have felt that Harper did something to deserve it, but I can't imagine what.
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