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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Yeah, the Bruce Lees are from Hot Toys, too. Can you believe that there's some collectors that are criticizing the hell out of those sculpts? I've seen ones saying the the Chris Evan likeness on the upcoming Captain America is dreadful. Granted, some of the complaining is just completely unrealistic, but it demonstrates the level of perfection that Hot Toys fans have come to expect.

Oh, and you may find this of interest:
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That's right. Hot Toys is now making Star Wars. And their first offering is actually two whole figures with a huge display piece, and the same poseable eyes as Bruce Lee and the Joker. Wow.....

Just Luke has been shown so far, but they've confirmed that Han and Anakin are on the way. No word on what outfits, though.
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