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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Or are we supposed to believe they ran out of bullets and gasoline?
They'll have bullets and gasoline, but if you put them in guns and cars respectively, they won't work. But throw gasoline on a fire, and I bet it works just fine.
I may be misremembering Stirling's books, but I think the explanation given was that any particularly high energetic reaction was dampened in some mysterious unexplained way(Alien Space Bats were theorized about). Literally, physics changed overnight. Gasoline would burn, just not hot enough to drive an engine. Gunpowder would burn, just not hot or fast enough to fire a bullet. Anything hotter than natural fire basically didn't produce the heat or energy it used to. I expect that the show will follow some similar idea. Which is fine, I gave the Walking Dead the story conceit that zombies could actually do what they do. I'll give Revolution a pass on the energy thing, so long as that is the only large suspension of disbelief thing I have to let slide.
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