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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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Just random tweets about sell out shows during bargain Tuesdays for Avengers.

Having crossed $700m in 13 days and had the 2nd best Monday with $18.8m these tweets just show things aren't slowing down for the film.

Jonathan ‏ @_georgiegeorge
Holy crap how is the avengers sold out on a Tuesday.... now we wait in a line for the 7:10 show -.-

Rafael Perez ‏ @rafaflockaflame
Avengers Sold Out On A Tuesday! #WTF

Eric Bland ‏ @Ez3095
Trying to watch the Avengers on a Tuesday seemed like a good idea. How the hell is it sold out. WTF!!!
Curious how wide spread this will be.

Here is an article from Newsarama that speculates on just how big Avengers box-office totals could get.

Here is an article from Comic Vine arguing as to why Black Widow should get her own movie.
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