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Re: Star Trek: Silverfin - "Perilous Journey"

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The next few stories I have in mind take place over April/May 2378, so some crossover will be involved.

As for Mr Tyler, he's still yet to find a good balance. It will come in time, but he'll also have a few things to overcome first--its not easy being from a famous Starfleet lineage.
Interesting. I'd love to see a team-up between the Silverfin and the Bluefin. Or the Silverfin and the Kestral. Either one should make for some amazing reading.
Thank you to FltCpt. Bossco at STPMA for my avatar. He is one of the best. This is Tolen, a Horrusi captain in Starfleet, who commands the Sovereign class starship U.S.S. Sangamon.
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