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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Christopher wrote: View Post
Yes, you've said that about other things, but you're stubbornly ignoring it when it comes to how Westerns are defined. So you're not even being consistent.
You'll have to explain that one.

Harvey wrote: View Post
The second thing I would say is yes. I'm not sure why you're so aggressively arguing against this idea, since you claim that you have no problems with genre hybridization.
Well, for one thing, I have don't see how a story set in the 1800s in the American West can be categorized as a Space Opera (but then I don't see how ghosts and goblins can be categorized as Science Fiction ).

Your definition of the Western film is narrow to the point of excluding Western films that aren't even on the fringes of the genre. That's a textbook example of a useless generic definition.
It doesn't exclude anything, except stories that aren't Westerns. Granted that the Australian Outback is west of somewhere, it's not part of the American West.

First, looking at reviews of The Proposition on Metacritic, I can't find a single one that doesn't call the film a Western.
Okay. I'm not familiar with the film, so I don't know what it is.

Second, you've ignored a key part of my point here, which not only was that shopkeepers and reviewers identified these films as Westerns, but the producers of these films also identified them as such. I suppose you're dismissing them, too?
Only if they're wrong. A lot of producers of non-SF films identify themselves as SF, too.

Borders obviously have something to do with it, since you've dismissed the thought of Australian Westerns based on geography alone. I'm not sure why you've introduced California's statehood (1850) to the conversation, although I suspect you'd subscribe to a definition that limits the genre to films taking place in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
I brought up California because you brought up Mexico. You seemed to be suggesting that Westerns could only take place in the United States, which is incorrect. Australian settings are excluded not because of borders but because of geography-- Australia is not part of North America.

Of course, your geographic limitations eliminate Westerns like Rage at Dawn (which takes place in Pennsylvania) and Saskatchewan (which takes place in Canada).
There's no way a Western can take place in Pennsylvania-- that's in the East. Saskatchewan, maybe.

Wiki has a pretty good definition of Western, although they go off the rails a bit with Space Westerns and stuff.
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