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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

A bit of good news about LA Noir: TNT is not pitting it against its other pilots (it's still filming, so that wouldn't work anyway), but will evaluate it on its own merits, which given its pedigree, no doubt will be impressive.

Frank Darabont’s period pilot L.A. Noir is still filming. It will be evaluated on its own as a potential Sunday genre show for the network, which airs sci-fi drama Falling Skies on the night, and not with Scent and the group of procedural pilots TNT plans to order.
That sounds like they're planning to pair it with Falling Skies on Sunday - not the worst idea ever, since LA Noir has some well-regarded sci fi genre actors in the cast, plus Darabont, to attract viewers who might stick around for Falling Skies - or the reverse, since Falling Skies would probably take the earlier timeslot. (Now they just need to improve that show.)
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