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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Caliburn24 wrote: View Post
So judging from the cast photo guns are inoperable. Good, it'll give the show a different flavor than Walking Dead. I just hope they're willing to go as dark as the premise demands.
At least I won't have to keep yelling at the TV, WHY DON'T YOU ALL HAVE CROSSBOWS BY NOW!!! Like I do with a certain other show that shall remain nameless. Maybe the Revolution people glommed the entire crossbow supply in the greater Atlanta area.

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
Revolution doesn't sound intriguing at all. The "all forms of energy" makes no sense. Presumably, it's just meant to take away technology, but they will still be able to have campfires and stuff (not to mention cellular activity), but it sounds like a bland post-whimpering-Apocalypse to me.
If fire doesn't work, then that begs other questions - why does human metabolism still work? And that way lies madness.

Wiping out all the technology in such a specific and targetted way can only be explained as a prelude to alien invasion.
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