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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anger, which leads Picard to bust the Enterprise display case and break all his little ships.
B is for....anything but Borg.....dammit, B is for Borg.
C is for Captain Picard
D is for Defiant, which Worf commands on an aborted suicide run against the attacking Borg cube.
E is for "E". As in the USS Enterprise 1701-E and her first appearance on screen. I want one
F is for First Contact, which the Borg tried to stop
G is for Gorgeous beauty shots of the new Enterprise-E.
H is for Happy, which Zefram Cochrane seemed to be when he was intoxicated.
I is for Inebriated Troi. Or interplexing beacon.
J is for Janeway. Who would become the arch-nemesis of the Borg Queen.
K is for Klingon. Worf is one, as he told Lily.
L is for Lily. Who never read Moby Dick, but is all high and mighty over Picard's Ahab allegory.
M is for Montana
N is for Nanoprobes, which Borg drones use to assimilate new victims.
O is for Over-acting. Not the worst example of this among Trek Captains, but still...
P is for Plasma, which liquifies organic tissue
Q is for Quantum torpedoes
R is for....wait for it...."Resistance is futile."
S is for Ships. Little ships. Picard broke his. Due to Anger (see "A")
T is for T'plana Hath, the Vulcan vessel
U is for the underground missile complex near Bozeman, Montana. A former ICBM silo where the Phoenix warpship was launched.
V is for Very Embarrassed, which Cochrane was when he found out about his future statue.
W is for Warp Drive. Which was used for the first time by humanity in this movie.
X is for XO, or Executive Officer, who also directed this one.
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