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Re: Age of Majority / Voting Age in the Federation

how Human colonists naively allowed themselves to be handed to the Cardassians and then started fighting back when their stupidity became obvious
Just a minor nitpick: these two events appear to have been completely separate, and concerned different groups of people.

Only a single colony volunteered to become Cardassian in TNG "Journey's End", at a time when the concept of the Demilitarized Zone had not yet been proposed - and this colony, Dorvan V, was never heard to participate in the anti-Cardassian activities later on. All the Maquis worlds appeared to be under formal UFP jurisdiction, although within the DMZ where all sorts of weapons were forbidden.

FWIW, there was no mention of the citizens of Dorvan V having a vote on anything in "Journey's End".

Timo Saloniemi
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