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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

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Anyone else think Thor's reset-button got hit as far as this movie's events are concerned? Consider that everyone else's character got a bit more developed but with Thor his coming back is pretty much hand-waved with an "Ohhh. Odin spent a lot of money to get you here." (or something.) And then at the end the Tesseract is used to bring Thor and Loki back to Asgard with only lip service played to Jane Foster.

It seems like it was like "Uhhh... We need Thor to come back for the movie, but we also need him back stuck in Asgard at the end in order for the next movie to deal with him getting back to Jane/Jane getting to him."

I mean Captain America emerges as a leader and adapts more to life in the 21st century, Tony Stark grows up a bit more (and risks his life to save NYC), Banner gains yet more control of The Hulk and shows himself more of a hero and even Black Widow gets some development. All of this will translate into their next movies. But Thor? Nope. Reset button. He came to Earth for a few days, helped save the world, then he went back home more-or-less like nothing happened.
He might not have gone through any further character growth in the movie, but I wouldn't call that a "reset button" of any kind. This is still the more mature, grown up version of Thor from the end of the previous movie.

And I seriously doubt the sequel is going to pretend that he never made it back to Earth. He'll simply explain to Jane that it was an emergency situation and there wasn't time to say hi (which she should understand, if she had any access to a TV at the time).
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