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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

There are still PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN action figures from the third movie in some stores depending on where you shop. One of my local Walmarts has an entire section of one markdown shelf full of archaic Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones figures and other toys that just sit and never sell. THOR toys are rapidly becoming the same way along with CARS 2 good or even great as those last two films are the demand for toys from those flicks just didn't rise anywhere near initial expectations. Retailers always sit in a sea of unbought movie merchandise because the stores as well as toy companies stupidly believe the next summer blockbuster is going to be the new STAR WARS(1977), E.T. or TOY STORY when in fact very, very few toy lines have ever lived up to the movies they're based on. Even the 3-D rerelease of THE PHANTOM MENACE wasn't able to help sell some of the new SW product that's been jamming store pegs for over three months now. Movie tie-ins are no longer a surefire, bulletproof cash cow. Just look at the new AVENGERS stuff. The film makes $200 million domestic in its first weekend, but the stores aren't selling the figures and other toys as well as hoped and fan reaction to the quality of the merchandise is mixed at best.
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