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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

BrotherBenny wrote: View Post
Geez, she is so...anal. Quick, someone get the stick out of her ass.

Hopefully Texx can help out.
Gibraltar wrote: View Post
Yeah, Allenby’s got issues, but she also has a valid point. The regular academy hijinks aren’t going to fly out here in the real Starfleet, and DeSoto’s got to learn to grow up.

Amaya’s hard-earned diplomacy skills are serving her well, though I think Daystrom put too quick a shine on his upward mood swing. The young man’s got legacy issues, and he’s going to have to work through them over time.

Wonderful character building going on here, Cejay… keep it coming!
Kinda makes you wonder if Maya is having second thoughts about not choosing her own crew by now, huh?

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post

I'm slowly getting caught up but thoroughly enjoyed the first two chapters. Great writing and an awesome start that hints at ominous things to come.

Always greatly enjoy your comments so I'm glad you're getting a chance catch up with this story. Certainly looking forward to your insights.

Galen4 wrote: View Post
Well, Amaya has a lot of personnel issues right out of the starting gate, reminds me of my manager days. Overall, I think she's handling things well, but I can't help to wonder how these issues will evolve. Is this crew going to grow closer or become more dysfunctional?

Oh, umm...I need to go back and read the beginning again. The captain has a large 300 pound pet predator in her ready room?


Great as always, CeJay!
No to worry, you didn't miss anything. Cosmo was introduced in the short story A Star to Steer Her By, but this was his first appearance in this story.

Thanks for reading and commenting everyone.
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