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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

MacLeod wrote: View Post
Different extra feature for the regions, there is very little reason as to why a region A or B should have different features.
I think in terms of Blu Ray it's due in part to what the features were when released onto DVD. A lot of R2 DVDs didn't have the R1 extra features, and when they've since released the movie/series onto Region B BD they haven't bothered doing the extras as they'd have to go before the BBFC for classification.

It does seem to be less of an issue nowadays though, luckily.

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what annoys me is half seasons. It's a shitty attempt at a double dip and I refuse to bite
God yes. Even worse, the Stargate SG1 releases - 4/5 episodes per release, and then 5 releases per season, and not even the option of a full season set until much farther down the line (season 7 or 8 onwards).
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