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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Maybe the OWN channel should do a show about Oprah in Space?
At this point, I'll try anything.

Pilot buzz update...

NBC: Revolution looks solid for a pickup. Whether this will end up being another one of JJ Abrams' hyped-up flameouts is another matter. Look at how FOX got burned with Alcatraz and it's supposedly "amazing" plot twisty story that never actually materialized.

Do No Harm also looks solid, with The Frontier and Midnight Sun looking more like long shots now, tho I still hope NBC swings for the fences with a supernatural-ish Western. Of all its pilots, that one and Chicago Fire could make the most splash in Olympics ads, because they are unusual genres for TV that appeal to men.

ABC: Biggest surprise is no update for The Last Resort, which doesn't necessarily mean anything, but if ABC decides to go for an all-female-skewing strategy, that one could end up being passed on.

Gotham and 666 Park Ave appear to be duking it out for the post-OUAT slot, with Emmerich's Dark Horse as a maybe. Beauty & the Beast is a possibility, but needing to undergo "massive re-editing" this late in the game doesn't sound good. OUAT's ratings have cooled off enough that ABC may not be quite as high on fairy tales as they were a few months back.
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