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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

16. Cabin In the Woods: B+
17. The Rum Diary: C
18. The Eagle: C+
19. The Avengers: A+
20. The Adjustment Bureau: A

I don't recall the previews for this film selling it as the subdued sci-fi film it really is at it's core. My recall was it going to be about G-Men manipulating outcomes for national/global interests.
This film is about an alien race/gods, disguised as humans, who've been overseeing humanity's path. They control many things in the lives of certain people to generate a particular outcome. The "Adjusters" all carry books that map out how things are going, if it's 'on plan'. They all wear hats that are the access for using common doors as transport devices within any given locale.

I'm guessing the deeper theme of the movie has to do with free will vs predestination from the religious side of things. All in all it was a fun film and if the previews had sold it correctly I might have made time for this at the cinema.
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