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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

So, I was supposed to watching The Invaders with Roy Thinnes (I enjoyed it very much when it was on PBS in reruns in the 1980s), but, after 5 episodes, I realized I just wasn't in the right mood for it, so, even though I am supposed to be saving Voyager for my mom to borrow, next weekend, I decided she'd have to wait, until next month, and she'll have to settle for Enterprise for now.

So, I'm a couple epsiodes ahead of Qutluch and I'm enjoying it just fine so far. I remember hating the Kazon, in first run, but, up to this point, they aren't really annoying me yet.

I'm surprised to see the Doctor struggling with naming himself, this early on, I seem to recall it being a running theme, later in the series, and it seems it will wear itself thin, if they follow that story to heavily, so, I'll have to wait and see on that one. State of Flux was a really good one, and yea, you gotta feel sorry Chakotay, first learning about Tuvok infiltrating/spying and then finding out about Seska, that really would make you question how competent you really are.

You definitely don't want to get between Janeway and her Coffee, look what she did that poor Nebula Lifeform round about episode 6. Rammed into it's guts, tried to harvest it's White-Blood cells for energy resources, and then gave it an ulcer busting back out. Truth be told, Janeway is rather aggressive, and I know how Coffee (or caffeine in general) addicts and smokers can get really stressed when deprived of their addiction. I would think the last thing you would want, under the stressful circumstances Voyager is in, would be an already aggresive Captain to be without her coffee. So, I think that was kinda silly, that Tom had Holodeck rations available, while she's cringing for coffee. If there isn't enough energy to go around to keep the Captain in Coffee, there sure shouldn't be energy available to waste on Holodeck privelleges (Surely a Holodeck program would take up, drastically more energy than replicating a cup of coffee). Sure, I understand the crew needs their holodeck privelleges to blow off steam, but, like Shoreleave, I think it should be very few and far between when energy is so tight.

Oh, and I got a kick out of seeing Janeway's Spirit Guide was a lizard, I never caught that in first run.

Regarding Janeway shipping, I think she should remain single and just be Planet Babe of the Week Slut like Kirk was, the Captain shouldn't be in a heavy long-term relationship with any of her crew. I mean, sure, if she wants to visit Chakotay's Teepee on occasion to releive some tension (and/or any of the other 'ships people put forward, OK, that's cool, but, as Captain, she doesn't have the luxury of concentrating on making a long term relationship work under her current circumstances)
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