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-Loki was even worse as the antagonist; why bring back the bad guy from the worst received movie in the series, anyway?
The worst-received movie in the series would be Iron Man 2, followed by The Incredible Hulk. Thor got very good reviews. Beyond that, Loki is the villain who precipitated the formation of the Avengers in the comics.
I used Metacritic to refresh my memory on that count; Iron Man 2 has a rating of 57 and The Incredible Hulk a rating of 61. Thor is also at a 57, which ties it with Iron Man 2 (better than I thought), but doesn't suggest a strong consensus of positive reviews.

That's just me being pedantic, though. The problem with Loki (in the movie) is that he's a cardboard villain without the slightest of interesting motivations. At least, that was my view of the character. Other people are (obviously) really enjoying the movie, and more power to them.
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