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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

I don't know that Tribble Herder was taking a shot so much as noting that one could make a featurette about things that don't go as smoothly as might have been wanted, or pitfalls that beginning filmmakers might run headlong into because they don't see them coming.

For instance, the drive/file organization issues likely started innocently enough, with one drive and data on it, but as time went on and more and more files were generated the natural tendency is to just add new directories and things because the alternative—reorganizing all the data and then having to re-link it all in the Final Cut project file—seemed to be more work. In the short term it probably was, but long term it ended up creating a problem.

Let me draw on the Polaris project for an example of what you have to do to do it right. First, all the footage came off the camera in a format that isn't ideal for FCP (Final Cut Pro), so it all has to be transcoded (say from H.264 to Prores422). That creates a whole duplicate set of files, but the filenames on the camera aren't very useful, so you then should rename them to be meaningful. You can rename them before transcoding or rename the transcoded files that result, but somewhere you really ought to have a master spreadsheet that identifies what the original filenames were in case you ever have to re-access the files as they came off the camera (I try to keep copies of the memory card data in the original form as a sort of absolute backup). Anyway, then if you have second audio you have to make sure the filenames for those files are meaningful, and, should you choose to replace the camera audio with the second sound (using DualEyes or something) you end up creating even more files, and you want to not confuse the original data with the transcoded data with camera sound or confuse those with the transcoded and audio-replaced ones. Etc. etc.

Then there are ADR files, sound effects, visual effects elements, placeholder shots, and then iterations on same. It requires some project management skill to keep this all under control and enforce standards.

It's time consuming to do all this and keep it straight, and it's easy to skip past some of this documenting and renaming. Hell, my experience is that most people are too lazy to write a meaningful subject line in an email, let alone do this kind of organization on projects of such magnitude as a film of any length.
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