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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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And the point goes sailing by unnoticed...
Speaking of missing points, I think it's very unkind to take shots at someone who's done so much good work on an amateur/volunteer basis. After several years of producing an audio series (much less complex than video by light years) our production team has finally begun (begun!) to really understand what it takes to make a smooth post production process. In any team effort different people are going to do things different ways and unless there is some sort of all-knowing overseer to keep things straight, stuff is going to labeled and cataloged differently and the farther away from the time the stuff was written and shot the harder it is going to be keep everything straight.

Maurice has taken a much more positive approach to helping anyone who's interested in doing a fan project with an entirely separate thread. I'm sure if you're really interested in learning what caused some of these problems, you can probably piece it together by reading that thread and this one and connecting some of the dots. But really, wouldn't it just be a lot more fun to just enjoy the final product than to try to denigrate the hard work (and very good hard work at that) that went into the project?
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