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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

State of Flux

Neelix is awesome; I love it that they have a character that knows so much about the area, but is able to deliver his knowledge is such an oddball humorous way!

They are foraging on another planet. A Kazon ship is cloaked right outside of the Voyager and the away team needs to beam back. Chakotay goes after Seska who was inside of a cave picking mushrooms so she could show Neelix how to make Chakotay’s favorite soup; how cute! Chakotay is injured, but healing and the ship is able to leave without interference from the Kazon. Seska brings Chakotay mushroom soup and tells him how she had to steal the mushrooms back from Neelix in order to make Chakotay’s soup. Chakotay is upset that she committed a crime and tells her that everyone involved, including himself, will not have replicator use for two days. Seska tries to seduce Chakotay, reminding him of their previous love affair and tries to make him jealous by saying she was going to hit on Kim. Why Kim? Why not Paris at least, he is more of a pretty boy, and that might actually make Chakotay raise an eyebrow, but Kim?

The Voyager responds to a hail for help and when they find the Kazon ship the crew members were basically melted into the ship, except one who was left alive. It occurred because of a technological problem when the Kazon tried to add Federation technology to their ship. B’ellana recognizes a Federation material, which is distinctly different from Kazon technology. The most logical way the Kazon would have received Federation tech was from someone on the ship; thank you Tuvok. (I’m not sure if Janeway would have come to this conclusion herself; while she is badass, she is also very trusting). Seska is the obvious trader. She was alone on the ship, and later in order to help Engineering finish a task faster she beamed back onto the Kazon ship.

Janeway grills Kerry trying to figure out if he was responsible and limits him to his quarters. He’s been beaten out by B’ellana for Chief Engineer, and it was his work station that the last message was sent from. The Kazon flag the Voyager down and are allowed to board in order to see their injured crew member. However, Janeway will not release the Kazon until she figures out how they got Federation technology. Upon hearing this, the Kazon killed the injured man. The doctor noticed that Seska did not have her blood registered on the ship and when they checked her blood after she was injured they found that she did not have Bajoran blood, rather Cardassian. Oh, and we get another great hands-on-the-hips moment from our loving, yet firm Captain when she confronts the Kazon!

Laying the bait; I’m so happy we are still this underhanded in the future. Who stole the Federation technology? Both Seska and Kerry were given the same information in order to see which one acted….and Seska took the bait! She is Cardassian and gave the Kazon the replicator. She beamed off the ship and left to be with the Kazon.

At the end, Chakotay asks Tuvok for an “honest” answer. Tuvok says that he can’t lie as a Vulcan (despite the fact that he lied “for his own convictions” when he was a spy, as well as in this episode to Lt Kerry…). He asks if he’s gullible, to which Tuvok says that he relies on his emotions, and they let him down, which is more a failing of humans in general than him as an individual. He goes on to say that he also was fooled by Seska, and Chakotay feels better because “misery loves company”…

Favorite Part: I originally thought that the writers were using Seska as a red-herring, but had done so too dramatically and gave it away. However, the writers used this technique in order to intentionally mislead the viewers into dismissing Seska as a red-herring, when she was actually being set up for a major antagonist role for the series! Well-written!

Least favorite part: Chakotay won’t get mushroom soup anymore….
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