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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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There's already a lengthy "making of" piece on the hard drive with all the footage.
How the final part was rescued would be a fine addition!
I dunno if "rescued" will be the right word. It was always going to be finished. I'm just helping make that happen.

One thing I will address in detail when this whole process is finished is how project organization affects editorial. The biggest issue I have with editing this show is not being able to find all the pieces because of inconsistent asset naming and files not being placed in some consistent directory structure. I have five drives here with literally thousands of files, which is why I keep stumbling across things I didn't think were here. For instance, I just a few days ago found the beauty and matte passes for a shot of the Exeter swooshing by, which I had been looking for months ago. There's ADR that's not labeled as such, etc.
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