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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

1) The Artist (2011) - A+
2) Midnight in Paris (2011) - B
3) Tree of Life (2011) - F
4) The Descendants (2011) - B
5) Drive (2011) - B
6) Hanna (2011) - C
7) Take Shelter (2011) - A-
8) 50/50 (2011) - B
9) Baby Mama (2008) - B-
10) United 93 (2006)
11) Rango (2011) - B
12) The Hunger Games (2012) - B+
13) 21 Jump Street (2012) - B+
14) Goon (2012) - A-
15) The Avengers (2012) - B

Went to see The Avengers pretty late last night and had a fun time in a packed theater. After taking the time to think about it though, I don't think it's necessarily the A that everyone else is giving it, as there seemed to be a lot of your typical summer movie action as well as the whole technobabble stuff that people complain about in Star Trek. Also, Loki could have been a lot better as a villain and maybe even a little more fleshed out. Granted, they fleshed him out kind of in Thor, but he seemed a bit weak in comparison to some of the other Marvel villains, namely the ones in the two Iron Man movies.

However, I loved the movie mainly because I loved the character interactions. I would love to see a Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie, as I skipped on Edward Norton and hated Bana's portrayal of the character. Ruffalo gave Hulk a lot more personality and didn't make the character boring. Downy Jr. was the star of the movie as everything he said was classic Iron Man arrogance which was great. I didn't mind Thor as much as other people it seemed, even though for a God he sure was in the background.

Anyway, the chemistry was really good between the cast, and I look forward to going back to the individual characters, especially Iron Man, Captain America and as said already, a good Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie. Overall, nice way to kick off the Summer Movie season (Even though I still think Hunger Games was the first summer movie) and it get's a solid B from me.

Theater: 5 (+1)
BluRay: 4
On Demand/TV: 1
Itunes: 5
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