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Re: Thor 2 discussion thread.

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And what we can gleam from Hemsworth is that this film is going to be set in Asgard mainly, which I don't have a problem with. I can see why in the first film you ground the movie somewhat in reality by making it take place on Earth. But now that Avengers have shown us Aliens and people are ok with that, a movie set primarily in Asgard can be really good, I'm thinking.
Have to say I'm kinda bummed to hear this. I know most fans loved the Asgard stuff in the first movie, but for me it was all a bit too dull and portentious. And more like a scifi costume drama than a superhero movie.

The scenes on Earth were FAR more fun and engaging, I thought, and that's where I was hoping most of the sequel was gonna be set. Watching him interact with our world is a whole lot more interesting than watching him simply fight more CG aliens on another CG alien planet.
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