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Yeah I agree there is a balancing issue here and they wanted to see how popular the comic was going to be so the 2 issue re-tellings were probably a good idea for the first year. The new stories and ongoing character development will suffer if they stick to that going forward though. I agree that many of the supporting cast were given limited input in many TOS stories but that wasn't always true and it isn't really viewed as one of the show's strengths. The little scene with Sulu and Scotty was nice in this issue but too many scenes like that and you end up with very little actual plot in a 2 issue story. I think that issue 1 of the story was very strong but the resolution in issue 2 was over-simplified and unsatisfying. Two more issues giving us more details of the Vulcans and Romulans personalities, goals, and politics plus a lengthier escape plan to foil a more complex terrorist plot would have been awesome.
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