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Too many people today think that serialization requires one big extended plot, but a lot of series in comics and TV have done quite well by combining episodic one-and-done plots that make each installment satisfying with ongoing, evolving character threads that make you want to come back for more.
This 100%. Buffy was an example of a show that did this to perfection. Joss Whedon went for an over-arching plot for each season, individual stories that were resolved in each episode, and over-arching character development that was ongoing. Other shows like Flash Forward cane the over-arching plot too much so that it becomes too hard for casual viewers to follow. I think this comic needs to tell its stories over a longer period to build some impetus and leave room for character development instead of the supporting cast delivering a couple of, 'Aye captains' like the supporting cast of Enterprise.
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