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Re: Captain America: Sex, War & Domination

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^ Fair point, but there was a lot more to the piece than that. Getting hung up on those perhaps gratuitous flourishes doesn't mean there aren't solid observations elsewhere.
Yes, I agree. All in all, it's an interesting review.

But to my mind, the piece makes two particularly noteworthy claims, i.e. the apolitical, de-Nazified conflict and the importance of Captain America's virginal purity. I'm not convinced by either, particularly the use of sexual imagery to back up the latter.

(As a Freudian aside, I don't see his sacrifice as 'war/death' rather than 'sex/life'. Much of his behaviour is to stop destruction and death, and he's a natural leader - i.e. concerned with unity, harmony, peace. These are all quite the opposite of the death drive, Thanatos, which aims at dissolution, atomisation, strife.)
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