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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

61. The Avengers (C)

The Avengers: I wish the movie had lived up to my expectations; early reviews and fan reaction have been very positive, so I was shocked by how mediocre the whole affair was.

-The first 30-40 minutes were rather tedious and expository.
-The movie was stuffed to the brim with techno-babble in place of story.
-Thor (whose standalone movie I have not seen) is rather lifeless as a character, which is probably why he's absent from much of the movie.
-Loki was even worse as the antagonist; why bring back the bad guy from the worst received movie in the series, anyway?
-Despite grumbling about recasting, Mark Ruffalo offers the most interesting take on the Banner/Hulk I've seen since Bill Bixby played him on television.
-Robert Downey Jr. steals the movie; I wish I had been able to see Shane Black's Iron Man 3 instead.
-Hawkeye made me laugh every time he appeared on screen; a guy with a bow and arrow (that never run out!) appears ludicrous next to the other Avengers.

I tend to think that the superhero genre is just played out for me as a viewer at this point. I'm excited for The Dark Knight Rises, but am also happy that it will be the end of that version of the series.

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