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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I might not have picked it up at all, had I not been at Toys R Us. They were having a sale where if you buy $30 of Avengers stuff, you get a free figure. Fortunately for me, they were counting any Marvel stuff at all as Avengers stuff. I picked up a Crimson Dynamo and an Initiative War Machine from the Iron Man Classics line, and grabbed the Mark VII 3 3/4" for free. Then I had a ten dollar coupon for any order over $50, so I also grabbed Loki, and a DCUC Mercury. Five figures for $45, three in 6" scale, and two in 3 3/4" scale is not too shabby at all. Even if I do find the articulation wanting the Mark VII will look good standing with the rest of my Iron Man armors in that scale. Loki is going in with my Marvel Universe stuff. His articulation is pretty much the same deal. The thing that bugs me most is that his staff is at least twice the length it is in the movie.

Congrats on the Star Wars haul. I visited two Toys R Us, a Wal Mart and a Target today and still the only thing I found was the Episode I wave.
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