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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Hit the motherlode at my buddy's toy shop this morning after he opened up...picked up seventeen Vintage Collection figures for just a tiny fraction over retail apiece. He had been expecting twenty Vintage Wave 4(Evazan assortment) figures to come into the shop by the beginning of the week but they showed up a couple of days earlier than expected. He let me take first crack at the new stash and I pretty much wiped him out. Got every Evazan wave figure I didn't previously have and at least one of each.

My haul:

1 x Dr. Evazan(extra)
2 x Kithaba
2 x Aayla Secura
2 x Nom Anor
3 x 501st Legion Clone Trooper
2 x Wedge Antilles(2012 repack)
2 x Bespin Outfit Han Solo(2012 repack)
2 x Gamorrean Guard(2012 repack)
1 x Rebel Fleet Trooper(2012 repack with eye detail differences)

I left the Bom Vimdin cantina alien and the two Logray Ewoks. I already have two of each of those. I'm probably gonna be eating microwavable dinners and snack chips for a few days or so to make up for this massive haul(I also had to buy some groceries and gas for the car), but it was totally worth it. Now I'm completely caught up on the Vintage Collection line from figure #01(Dengar) straight through #96(Darth Malgus). Now I can just sit back and wait for the Grand Moff Tarkin wave to start trickling out over the next month or two.

OdoWanKenobi wrote:
What the hell, Hasbro? In this day and age there is absolutely no excuse for lack of wrist cuts. That's just standard! Iron Man can't do a repulsor pose, because he can't make his palm face forward. Seriously? An Iron Man that can't make that pose is no Iron Man at all.
I noticed the same thing myself when I was looking at all the AVENGERS figures at my local Toys 'R' Us a few days back. It's so profoundly lame that they couldn't have given the Iron Man you're talking about a ball jointed wrist or something that will allow a palm-forward pose. I was gonna pick up all the Hasbro AVENGERS figures at some point after I found all the most recent SW characters I've been wanting...but after looking at and hearing about some of the crappy tooling and articulation I think I'll pass on some and wait on the others. I'm not going to bitch about Hasbro like I usually do, but suffice it to say they could have done a lot better.
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