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Thor 2 -Movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2013

Release Date: November 15th, 2013.

So Avengers has come, we saw how Marvel was successful in what they set out to do, now we can look forward to the next batch of Marvel films. The one I'm most looking forward to is Thor 2. Scouring the net I came across two neat nuggets of info I hadn't heard yet:

From Kevin Feige:

Well [Thor's maturity] is sort of the crux of the whole sequel and itís what Hemsworth is most excited about diving into, and itís what is the heart of story; itís Thor and Jane, to continue that dynamic. Really they were only together for three days, and do they love each other? Do they like each other? Do they know each other? Weíre acknowledging that that love story in the first movie was sort of a quick crush, essentially, over the course of three quick days in the middle of the desert. And [the heart of the movie is also] the relationship between Thor and Odin, which does change drastically as it did over the course of the first movie, and picks up and continues from there.
And this bit of info from Chris Hemsworth:

I have read a script and we start shooting in August. I met with Alan Taylor a couple of months ago and Natalie Portman and I and Alan and a couple of Marvel guys and it was hugely exciting. Ken [Branagh] did such a wonderful job and, with scheduling or what have you, he didnít end up doing this one, but Iím a big fan of the GAME OF THRONES series, which is Alanís latest work, and I think that is whatís exciting about the second one: making it sort of more tangible and having a more organic feel to Asgard and that world. I think the science fiction element to THORÖ the danger is it falls a little bit into the world of itís ďtough to throw a light to.Ē I think of big waterfalls and mountains and a Viking influence, where the Norse mythology kind of grew from. Having that in Asgard is going to make it all the more special and thatís what Alan wants to bring to it. I think that would be the new aspect to this one.
Both of those quotes, btw are taken from

I love that Feige acknowledges that in the first movie Thor and Jane only really interacted for 3 days. A complaint I remember reading from many people feeling that the romance wasn't really that...and now we see that it wasn't.

And what we can gleam from Hemsworth is that this film is going to be set in Asgard mainly, which I don't have a problem with. I can see why in the first film you ground the movie somewhat in reality by making it take place on Earth. But now that Avengers have shown us Aliens and people are ok with that, a movie set primarily in Asgard can be really good, I'm thinking.
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