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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Prime Factors

I have heard great thing about this episode and rightly so!!! It seems that VOY is starting to take off a little. Who are these Delany Sisters, and do we ever see them? Paris has mentioned them a couple of times now. It’s nice to see B’Elanna in an episode. I love it that Janeway is excited to see the Marquis and regular members of the crew getting along, and that Tuvok’s response is, “That kind of bonding should improve performance and maximize efficiency”! Thank you Tuvok for your wisdom!

It’s kind of fun to watch Janeway squirm a little when Gathorel flirts with her when he welcomes the VOY crew to vacation on Sikaris. Sikaris reminds me of Risa. Everyone has a chance to get laid, buy pretty clothes, and party! Also, Tuvok delivers the line, “Indeed” well, but not as well as Teal’c in SG-1!

The Sikarian people have technology with the ability to jump at least 40,000 light years ahead. I have to say, “Screw the Prime Directive!” Steal the technology and fast-forward your way back home. Harry Kim comes up with the idea of trading stories, an important part of the Sikarian society, for their technology. I am becoming more and more impressed with Harry Kim. I may just end up liking his character yet! (Though I’m still not sold on the idea that Garret Wang was ranked by People’s Magazine as one of the top 50 beautiful people in the world. His whininess just takes away any of his sex appeal for me).

It is nice to see new faces in the crew, or old faces having more or a role... Seska is a sharp, intelligent, yet slightly immoral character. Looking at her next to B’Elanna we see just how far B’Elanna has grown since she took the position as chief engineer. Although, I do think Seska has a great idea when she tells B’Elanna that they should just steal the technology. I would want to get home too. However, she should have “owned up” to her mistake at the end, or at least have been supportive of B’Elanna when she chooses to tell Captain Janeway that they disobeyed her.
I am not sure if I like it that Janeway did not want to violate another planet’s laws or not. Is it more important in her role as Captain to get her people home in their lifetimes, or to do so morally? I am happy that the Voyager crew was able to give the technology a shot though. If they were not able to I think the crew would have been angry with Janeway and possibly mutinied. I think that Tuvok did an excellent job as the tactical and security officer in this regard. He did what Janeway wanted to do, but was unable to morally. Logically, it was the best idea. It would have been treacherous for the crew’s moral if the technology wasn’t at least tried. Tuvok's logic may have saved Janeway from attack.

Favorite part: After having spent 9 hours at a debate competition with middle school students today this quote stuck out for me as my favorite part of the episode: “You can use logic to justify anything; that’s its power and its flaw.”

Least favorite part: I would like to have seen more of an open discussion with the ranking officers about what they should have done about the technology and Prime Directive on Sikaris. Chakotay wasn’t even consulted, and I’m not sure how this doesn’t fall into the “Bridge Officer Meeting” in the first place…
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