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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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The one lousy season of WKRP they released suffers from having the actual period rock songs replaced by generic music.

And the above is why we'll probably never see China Beach on DVD. That show was wall-to-wall period music.
Occasionally you will actually encounter recent TV series releases in which this happens to, which I find unacceptable. No TV or film production made in the last decade or more should even consider using a piece of music that hasn't been fully licensed for home video release. We can forgive WKRP and China Beach for not having the paperwork in place because at the time there was never any expectation of a retail market for TV series. But there's no excuse for any show made since about 2000 or 2001 not to be rendered fully intact on DVD or Blu-ray.
Malcolm in the Middle is the poster child for this.

The first two seasons were music-heavy. The third season onward were music-free. The studio paid for the music clearances for the first season DVD. They scheduled a DVD release of the second season for late 2003, but the middling sales on the first season scuppered the release since the studio had hard stats that it wasn't going to be cost-effective to license the music. So even though seasons three onward are "in the clear" in terms of music licenses, because the studio won't release season two on DVD, they won't release the rest of it, either.

The whole series, with altered music, is available on Netflix. And it does appear that the UK is finally getting Malcolm in its entirety on DVD this year. So there may be some movement on finally getting the complete Malcolm on DVD.
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