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while at the same time, you could still read each issue independently from each other, and get a complete story in one issue.
Sure, but the counter argument to that is that it's so easy to "jump ship". I made a promise to myself once, after originally buying a single issue of "Fantastic Four" (to create some costumes for a convention), and getting hooked on the ongoing arcs, that I'd drop "Fantastic Four" when the Thing finally resumed his place on the team and the She-Hulk left. But she never really had a farewell issue. Years later, I was still finding compelling reasons to keep buying every issue!

As a kid, I read random, hand-me-down issues of "Superman", "Batman", etc and - particularly with "Fantastic Four" and "Teen Titans" - had absolutely no idea that there was also often several serialized arcs going on in the background of supposedly one-shot issues. I don't even remember "To be continued...", although some of those issues do end abruptly. I just read everything I was handed, then passed them on to another family.

Having seen all the troubles played out in the various "Star Trek" comic series over the decades, I think that IDW have ended up with a fairly good modern compromise: an ongoing series of two-parters, the promise that some factoids are, in fact, easter eggs for the next movie, some cover variants, writing team stability, and reprint collections and crossover events every so often. It's not the old market out there, so a yearning for the ways of the past won't stand up in the counting of the beans.
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