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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Amargosa Observatory
B is for B'Etor
C is for Chekov. He was never that young
D is for Dom Pérignon vintage 2265. Which christens the USS Enterprise 1701-B
E is for Enterprise-B
F is for Fire, which kills Robert and Rene Picard back on Earth
G is for Geordi getting tortured
H is for Harriman. Captain of the Enterprise B. "Note to Yard master: Don't take a ship out of Space Dock with things missing."
I is for Interstellar travel, which isn't limited to just starships. Ribbons of brightly coloured energy can do it too.
J is for Joy...which one felt when inside the Nexus.
K is for Klingon D12 Bird of Prey
L is for Lursa. B'Etor's older sister. Both of which are finally blown to bits by the Enterprise.
M is for mortality. what Picard faced up to.
N is for Normal...which Dr. Soran said everyone else was but Geordi was not.
O is for "Oh, my" (Kirk's last words) -I think I skipped a letter...!
P is for photon torpedo. Which is what the Enterprise used to blow Lursa and B'Etor's ship to bits.
Q is for Quantum Reality, which is what the Nexus sort of was.
R is for "Red Alert!"
S is for Soran, villain of the piece
T is for Trilithium. Or as Soran calls it: TrilithiUUUMMM.
U is for Unprepared, as in the Enterprise-B was horribly unprepared to embark on a rescue mission during her maiden voyage out of drydock
V iis for Veridian III, last resting place of James Kirk.
W is for Warp Core breach which destroys the Enterprise's battle section. Susceptability to breaches seems to be a weakness of the Galaxy class starship.
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