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Re: Age of Majority / Voting Age in the Federation

Timo wrote: View Post
Yet Kirk considers "us" a democracy...

Kor, Commandant of Organia: "You of the Federation, you are much like us."
Kirk: "We're nothing like you. We're a democratic body- "
If the only democrazy in the federation is practiced at the federation council level, the Kor could have truthfully stated "We're just as democratic as you." The Klingons would seem to have a democratic forum and democratic decision making in their high council.

BillJ wrote: View Post
Democracy may have a far different meaning in the 23rd century.
I wonder if those who have the prime directive imposed upon them are give any say in the matter, in a democratic way.

Or are the silly little primitive "mud people" excludes from the deliberations of their betters?

If I'm not misremembering, a world has to be unified to join the Federation.
But that is something we heard of being in effect in the 24th century, earlier entries might not have had this condition placed upon them.

Nothing about how it is unified.
By the sword? Would it make a difference after the fact?

robau wrote: View Post
Whether or not it actually is, it is presented as utopia. That is undeniable.
The Federation? Think about it, where was this said? Sisko specifically refers to Earth as a paradise, when he could just as easily referred to the federation in general by that term.

But he didn't.

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