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Re: Age of Majority / Voting Age in the Federation

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You have a strange idea of "utopia," if you can't even vote for your own leaders. Sounds very dystopian to me.
Life without money would also sound dystopian to some people.

Of course, we should let go of the idea of the Federation as utopia. The Federation is not a utopia, it's just more progressive than what exists today.
Whether or not it actually is, it is presented as utopia. That is undeniable.

You don't think that a culture that can travel faster than the speed of light has figured out how to count?
We are talking about popularly electing a Federation President amongst however many worlds and cultures. That sounds like a big mess no matter the technology. Hell, liberals in the United States go bonkers over the idea of using technology for voting. "WE WANT A PAPER TRAIL!" they scream. That's just one country on one planet.

Oh, yes, all those petty, petty people, like Alice Paul and Martin Luther King. So petty, this desire to have a voice in the government that has power over you.

I'm sorry, but that idea is just naked autocracy.
That's how the Star Trek utopia works. You concern yourself only with your own personal growth and achievement instead of wallowing in petty politics like "who will lead me??".
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