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My biggest criticisms are that two issues are most definitely too brief. The story had no time to gain any traction before it was over. This might be one reason why the resolution was unsatisfying. Most super hero comics tell stories in 4 issues and the 2 issue format is becoming increasingly irrititating. 3 issues would be doable but 2 means there is almost no time for any character development and very little time for more than a couple of set pieces.
That's just because comics have become so decompressed these days, with the panels getting bigger and the word count per page shrinking. It used to be that you could get a rich, dense, complete story in just 24 pages.
Ya, i sure miss those days, Christopher. Back when you could get a complete engaging story in one issue. and not have it spread out over 5 or 6, so the company could see the all important trade. I also remember the days when a book would have the same writer and artist for more than 6 months, and would really build a longterm story up well, while at the same time, you could still read each issue independently from each other, and get a complete story in one issue.
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