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Re: Whatever happened to Stellar from Dragonfire?

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(The recent DWM with Jenna-Louise Coleman on the cover has an article on DW actors on Twitter and includes a caution about the fakers. It's one reason I haven't bothered going on Twitter myself - I mean, do we know for 100% certain that those Twitter posts attributed to Moffat, Sophia Myles, Karen Gillan, etc are REALLY from them?)

For celebrities, Twitter does to a verification. Generally it'll have like a green or blue check mark next to the name, meaning it's been a verified profile. So, yes, 100% certain.
Well sort of - it's been fooled a number of times, there is an Italian writer who has a hobby of pretending to being various authors and celebs and he says it's very easy to do - moreover, someone had a fake Wendy murdock account that was verified and was faked.
Alright... 99%?
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