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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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My point is, without development of the human brain through evolution and it's corresponding size and intelligence (plus the fact that "new" information" increases synapse connections ad cognitive function) you don't get technological innovation either.
Technological innovation is yet another adaptation to our environment, and an extremely useful one at that. It still isn't a progressive step except insofar as technology has sharply reduced the mortality rate for human beings and allowed us to proliferate to ridiculous numbers. But, again, technological innovation doesn't drive evolution, neither does intelligence, as both are merely byproducts of that process.

I'm reminded of the Krogan backstory from "Mass Effect." Prior to the invention of gunpowder, the leading cause of death was "eaten by predators." After the invention of gunpowder, the leading cause of death was "killed by firearms."

Of course other things are involved, such as social interaction, environment, etc, but they really work hand in hand...
No, they really don't. Intelligence is a byproduct of evolution, not a causal factor. Conditions can (and in some places DO) exist where intelligence has no survival benefit whatsoever and evolution selects a different set of traits to proliferate.

You're quoting an awful lot of articles lately and I'm beginning to notice that an alarming number of them are complete nonsequitors.

I'm not trying to say that in this world of exponential change, that there are not those who aren't malicious, devious, power hungry, only that this period in time is the best opportunity we've had--technologically based--to distance ourselves from such thinking.
It's not the THINKING that's the problem, Rama. The same technology that allows us to pursue more constructive aims just as easily empowers malicious deviants in their destructive intent. And the really sad thing is, we are STILL spending a lot more of our resources on military technology than its civilian counterparts, which is why the civilian market is some 20 years behind the military in almost every respect. You yourself mentioned that 3 billion more people will have internet access by 2020; that puts them, what, 30 years behind the Bosnian militia?

we do and will have more tools to eliminate what we don't like about it.
And my point is, other people less well intentioned have even MORE tools to fill the world with everything we don't like about it.
Yeah, there's so much information and generally if I speak about this subject people need to know I'm not speaking from a vacuum, so I generally like to "footnote" my claims with links. Some of the links have to do with recent convos, for example, the latest link about how social communication helped our brain evolve had a dual also contains info on how cooperation was more important in evolution than "survival of the fittest".

Ah but technology is starting to affect evolution, and will eventually become evolution. I think that's a major point in the discussion...

Well, what I am seeing here is you simply think things are going to stay the same, that humans will not progress socially, and often concurrent with technological advancement (which we have), that dictators and force will trump the means being created to create change (in the face of evidence), that wealth is not being spread amongst the world's citizens which is demonstrably untrue according to the UN data...and again by this I don't mean there aren't dictators or the world's perfect...It even may be possible that as you say, there may be flareups of gov'ts that manage to get the upper hand in the info "war", but you are far too enamored with conflict in my opinion to see that for the first time in history things are actually changing.
"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities".
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