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Re: Would you have oreferred Captain Gary Janeway???

I thought Gibney looked way hotter as a fatty in TNG.

I didn't even realize that she was a fatty until DS9 when Sue walked in front of camera and over half her water weight had been misplaced.

That's the problem with women.

Then think that thin equals young.

Thin really just means less canvas to hide their wrinkles.

My flatmate is on a health kick.

She thinks she's fat.

She's not fat.

She's just old.

Not old old.

Just finished growing old, still in her 20s, but her culture seems to think that 16 is ideal and if you keep growing after 16 you're a freak that needs to be locked in a cave.

To me, because of a thousand books by Peter David, and Hidden Frontier, Shelby is so far beyond Elizabeth Dennehey it's not funny.

A woman who is truly her fathers daughter.

Liz is Shelby as a baby, who as a character has GROWN.


Emotionally grown.

I haven't made Shelby from the 2370s a fatty in my minds eye.

I wouldn't do that.


I might not do that.

But usually after you put a ring on that finger, one does need to replace said ring with a larger ring by the first anniversary. Her beloved will claim that he needs a larger stone to more accurately express his love, but it's really the certainty of gangreen if some one doesn't cut that band off and resize it.

Don't get me started about nine fingered women.

But if your wife starts getting smaller.

She is making travel arrangements.

Expect divorce papers.
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