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Re: Would you have oreferred Captain Gary Janeway???

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But he didn't play a recurring Vulcan on VOYAGER. I never saw him on Enterprise, at least not that I remember. He only ever had one episode on Voyager, and now that I'm reminded of what he looks like, I really can't see him as a male version of Captain Janeway.
He was fantastic on Enterprise, had a great presence. I can see him as a Trek captain very easily. Now that he's older, even more so.
And the lizard babies were not sweet. They were repulsive. But then I find most reptiles repulsive, and this episode was nausea-inducing anyway.
Well I love lizards, I have had a lot of blue tongues and stumpy tails as pets (the skink family, if you want to look it up). But still.. these were not lizards but appeared to be amphibians.

They were no more repulisve than a salamander. They were the (evolved) DNA of two humans and who knows what they would become? What we saw could have been the larval stage.


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