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Re: SciFi/F Av contest: Strong female leads...

Kai "the spy" wrote: View Post
Kai "the spy" wrote: View Post
First, I wanted to do Summer Glau, but then I realized she'd only been the female lead in The Cape.

Oh, well, still some options.
Klaus wrote: View Post
Barbarella is more classic but I bet Sarah Jane might get more votes from this crowd...
Sindatur wrote: View Post
Oh, and SarahJane posing sexy with the Sonic Lipsick is a definite VOTE
I'm a bit disappointed nobody even commented on Miki Saegusa. But as much as I love her, she wouldn't stand a chance. And it's not like I'm loving Barbarella or Sarah Jane any less.

I'm going with Sarah Jane.
I'm not familiar with Miki Saegusa
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