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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

After months of struggling with the Foundry Editor, here's my second foundry mission.

Mission: Komahashi Maru
Faction: Federation
Min. Level: Any
Entry Point: Starfleet Academy, Earth
Content: Roughly 10-20 minutes long, lots of conversation and a little ground combat towards the end.
Sir, we have just recieved a Priority One order from Starfleet Command.

We are to return to Earth where its Captain and command staff are to report to Starfleet Academy for a Special Command and Tactics Refresher, The Komahashi Maru Incident.

This is highly unusal, sir. I have never heard of a training simulation called the Komahashi Maru and there is no indication of who issued the order. However, it has passed all authentication and verification checks. The order is genuine.

Report to Starfleet Academy on Earth to begin the training simulation.
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