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Re: Would you have oreferred Captain Gary Janeway???

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I can't even place this actor, except that he had dark hair. *shrug*

But regardless of his opinions on his hypothetical Janeway character's sexuality, it still would have been ridiculous to have lizard babies with Tom Paris.
I have no idea who you are talking about. And I dont' want to know. Because I have been to a party, aaaaannnnd so I don't care.

Janeway was as Janeway was. The greatest two words spoken in the entire seven year run of Voyager:

"I know."
I'm assuming your post was intended to make some kind of sense, but I'm not seeing it.

I haven't watched Voyager in years, partly because for some years I didn't have cable TV, and then I didn't even have a working TV at all. Now I do have both a working TV and cable, but Voyager conflicts with other stuff I watch. So forgive me for not remembering one guest shot on one episode.

And I DESPISE the Enterprise series. I loathe it so much, there are about 2 and a half seasons of it that I've never bothered watching, even once.

I've never watched Alien Nation at all. So I genuinely can't form much of an opinion of whether this actor would have made a good male version of Captain Janeway.

Regardless of whether Janeway was a woman, man, or sentient brussels sprout, the "Janeway and Paris had lizard babies" ending to "Threshold" was MONUMENTALLY STUPID.
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