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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

What did everyone think of the latest episode, "Course Listing Unavailable"? I thought it was a "B" — it wasn't a great episode, but it had some highlights and tied parts of the story along as we head into the last four episodes of the season.

The Starburns stuff was OK, but it was really pushed aside for other elements. Perhaps it's a fitting end for a tertiary character who only wanted to be known as Alex (and to have a sort of "Breaking Bad" thing going on).

I think the highlight was toward the end as the study group revisited the multiple timeline theory from "Remedial Chaos Theory." Good stuff, and I think the current timeline actually ended up getting the best of all the highlights of that episode (in terms of relationship developments), but there was no "Roxanne."

The whole stuff with Chang is not the greatest, especially with his goon squad of children. I'm still blown away by the differences of Chang from season one to now. Let's just say he "Chang-ed" a lot since then, and not for better.
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