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I'll try to avoid spoilers:

I like the way they are using and re-using the supporting cast from TOS and the story was nice, sowing seeds for the future. But I did feel that it failed to live up to the expectations of part one.

My biggest criticisms are that two issues are most definitely too brief. The story had no time to gain any traction before it was over. This might be one reason why the resolution was unsatisfying. Most super hero comics tell stories in 4 issues and the 2 issue format is becoming increasingly irrititating. 3 issues would be doable but 2 means there is almost no time for any character development and very little time for more than a couple of set pieces. Introducing a couple of named Romulan characters - the female Romulan captain from TOS for example, would have been a cool twist and someone equivalent to sit alongside Kor, Kang, and Koloth for future Romulan stories.

The rampant sexism is still another source of irritation. I don't have any major issues with the landing party since they used one male and one female supporting character plus the mains (more generally they need to feature no more than one spare male character and make all the rest female to redress the imbalance where possible - the versions of Where No Man has gone Before and Galileo 7 both had a dreadful imbalance). All the featured Vulcans and Romulans were male. In fact, I did a quick count of the background characters and counted 45 male Romulans and 5 females. WHY?
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