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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

And finally: Variety on the pilot buzz.

NBC - Revolution has gone missing from the buzz list again, and Midnight Sun is back. (If it's a choice between the two, I'm more in favor of the latter.) Do No Harm seems to be in good shape and Frontier has the same quibbles - well liked, but too weird a premise to effectively launch? (On the upside, a "weird" premise will get attention, which more than anything, is what NBC needs, especially to take advantage of the Olympics audience this year.)

ABC - 666 Park Ave. and The Last Resort are looking good. No mention of Emmerich/Dark Horse.

FOX - Mastermind is likely for midseason.

CW - Cult, Arrow and Beauty & the Beast look good for pickup. (They won't have to fight with ABC over the name since ABC's version seems DOA.) The Selection's fate hinges on the CW picking up six pilots, not just five.
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