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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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If we were operating within the already defined universe then Hobgoblin would be a natural villain to appear. As it is now you have to go back and do Green first and you don't want goblins in back-to-back films.
I don't get why you think they can't do Hobgoblin without first doing Green Goblin. Would you care to explain?
If they intend to remain remotely loyal to the source then Hobby has to come second. It'd be like having Carnage before Venom, one begets the other.

The original Hobgoblin and the current both found stashed Norman gear in a hideout and modified it into Hobgoblin gear. The second Hobgoblin stole the equipment after it had been already turned into Hobby attire. Also, having Hobby first makes it seem as if Normans reason for taking the identity isn't related to his own psyche which is necessary.

So unless Sony intends to spit on the source material and motivations of the characters then Green Goblin has to happen first. But hey this is the same culture of "suits" that forced Venom into an established script. The same culture of suits who insisted in the once and never Raimi directed Spidey 4 that classic Lee/Ditko foe the Vulture become the Vultress. So maybe they are prepared to hock some thick, foamy luggies on the source material indeed.
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