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Re: Spider-Man movie (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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So how's this for a trilogy - 1. Lizard, hint at Green Goblin. 2 Green Goblin, introduce MJ, kill off Gwen. 3. Venom.
The issue with this reboot is just that, back to revisiting the same foes? Let's hope not. As Digific says lets mix it up. I feel we are getting Lizard mainly cause he was essentially sold to us in the Raimi films. Almost as if Sony conceded to let that be a major drawing point from the prior series.

If we were operating within the already defined universe then Hobgoblin would be a natural villain to appear. As it is now you have to go back and do Green first and you don't want goblins in back-to-back films. Visual stagnation, lack of creativity and other such complaints would happen and have some truth.

Miles Warren/Jackel
Kraven(international flare)
Man-Wolf(groundwork laid in Spidey2)
Carnage(groundwork laid in Spidey3-same goblin issue as here)
Tarantula(international flare)

Line straddlers
Black Cat
Silver Sable

The crowd at The Avengers midnight really seemed largely indifferent to the trailer.
I'd love to see different villains (I've been wanting Mysterio to be done for years) but I'm not sure this stretch of films is going to push the boat out. It's just the vibe I get from the trailer.

I get the impression that Gwen knows that Peter is Spider-Man, which leads me to think eventually she'll get killed off. Seeing as Oscorp plays a part in this film and in the comics it was a confrontation with the Green Goblin which led to her death (and if they recreated that comic panel to screen it would be WAY to much like SM1) so it's natural to assume that would happen.

Then, given that this film is darker in tone, Venom would be logical (especially if it follows on from Peter having major doubts about himself after Gwen's death).

Not saying that's necessarily what I'd prefer or what I'd do given the choice, it's just a wild assumption.
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